Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

Sometimes a merger or an acquisition is challenged by a shareholder or a competing bidder. And sometimes one party seeks to terminate the deal. Such situations call for experienced counsel that can guide the company through either negotiations or the court proceedings. Our experience includes:

  • We assisted the target in negotiating the dissolution of a merger agreement without litigation.
  • We successfully represented the winning bidder for life insurance servicing company and defeated last minute bid by a notorious and aggressive hedge fund that tried to kill the deal by claiming the bidding procedures were unfair and offering to double bid.
  • We successfully defended the independent directors of a real estate financing company in shareholder class actions seeking to enjoin the acquisition of the Company.
  • We successfully defended the officers and directors of an alternative energy company in actions by shareholders challenging the price of a merger, sale of subsidiaries, executive compensation packages, and the disclosures in the proxy.
  • We successfully represented prominent developer in an action seeking blocking the sale of a national hotel and restaurant brand to a competitor.