Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Who We Are

We thrive on variety, flexibility, and creativity. Our broad experience provides us with unique insights as to the best strategy to pursue for each new matter. Evidence shows that creative contributions depend on the breadth, not just depth, of knowledge and experience. For that reason, we have never specialized in a particular area, and we do not do the same case from the same side time after time after time. Rather, we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of matters. We know what motivates each side and we understand our opponent’s case as well as our own. This informs our strategy from beginning to end. That’s why we win.

What We Do

While we handle a wide range of high-stakes litigation,  including personal injury, defamation, and class actions, our most extensive experience has been in the business arena, handling complex business litigation, cross-border disputes, and employment matters. For a sampling of the matters we have handled, please click on the links on the left.