Services for Franchisees, Dealers and Distributors

It is critical for anyone interested in purchasing a franchise to fully understand the franchisor’s franchise system and the franchise agreement prior to signing a contract. For those exploring a franchise opportunity, our experienced franchise attorneys can assist with the following services:

  • Providing a tailored consultation to assess the compatibility of the client’s needs with the respective franchise offering;
  • Reviewing and commenting on the proposed franchisor’s FDD, franchise agreement, and other relevant agreements to ensure a thorough understanding of the material provisions of the documents;
  • Negotiating possible changes to the franchise agreement with the franchisor;
  • Assisting in commercial lease negotiations;
  • Assisting in business financing;
  • Entity incorporation, employment agreements, operating agreements, and ancillary business transactions.

In addition, existing franchisees often find a need to consult with experienced franchise attorneys well-versed in franchisee/franchisor relationships. Our services include providing legal assistance and representation in default, termination, non-renewal, and encroachment matters, as well as counseling clients on day-to-day matters related to operations, employment issues, purchase and sale transactions, and vendor agreements.