AXS Law Group | The Firm
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Who We Are

AXS Law is a full-service boutique law firm dedicated to providing practical and comprehensive solutions to complex matters. Although most of our lawyers gestated  in the womb of Big Law, we formed AXS Law with a view to disrupting the traditional law model to better address the needs of the modern business law consumer.  We do this first and foremost by bringing our own expertise as entrepreneurs.  Our  attorneys are encouraged to pursue entrepreneurship and this, in turn, gives us the perspective and

“guts” to help our clients navigate, not avoid, risk. We are also sensitive to our clients’ concerns regarding the escalation of legal fees and therefore embrace alternative billing strategies including flat fees, contingency fees, and equity-based compensation. And, unlike most law firms, we have personality.  We are not tethered to our chairs and desks; we are out there continually forging new and strengthening existing relationships in the business and wider community.  You will enjoy working with us!

We differentiate ourselves in 5 Key ways

We are a law firm by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We are sophisticated lawyers and some of us also are business owners, with business interests ranging from social media and technology to hospitality and commercial and residential real estate. These historic and ongoing business interests, coupled with the cumulative experience working at the apex of the legal profession, provide our lawyers with a unique insight into providing legal advice to fellow entrepreneurs.

We have courage

Too many lawyers do what is good for them and not the client.  They’re afraid to give you practical advice that considers both the business and legal risks. They simply tell you how to reduce or eliminate the legal risk with little regard to your business interests. That’s because they can never be criticized from the legal perspective. But that doesn’t help you. You don’t need to pay their fees to receive a “CYA” memorandum. We understand both business and legal risks, and how to balance them. We’ll help you make the tough decisions while explaining the pros and cons of every decision.

We are a full-service boutique law firm

Boutique firms have traditionally focused on limited practice areas. We are a full service business boutique firm. That means that we are perfectly poised to be your first point of contact for ALL your legal needs. Given our vast experience in many areas of the law, in most cases we will be able to provide you with the guidance you need. We also have the right judgment to tell you when we need to bring on specialists, and the network and experience to know whom to bring on. In those cases, we stay involved to make sure that there these specialists are held accountable. These will be people we have worked with before and who we trust. Think of us as your outside general counsel.

We partner with our clients

That means we’ll often share the risk with you. We find ways to structure our fees based on our success in helping you achieve your business goals. Our goal is to get the best result for you at the least cost to you, not just to rack up hourly fees. Put simply, we deliver superior legal services at significantly lower costs. We always want our interests aligned with our clients.

We have personality

Too many lawyers spend their lives in libraries or behind computer screens, drafting briefs or contracts, detached from the real world. That’s not us. We are out there and involved in the community.