Trademarks and Trade Secrets

Intellectual property may be your most valuable asset. Many forms of business information can be classified as trade secrets, including valuable blueprints, non-public test data, training manuals, designs and models, research products, marketing programs, financial data, business strategies, recruiting techniques, customer information and purchasing programs. AX-S lawyers are adept at developing strategies that protect these assets. We identify areas of business information that can be classified as trade secrets, develop trade secret protection policies, and draft confidentiality agreements for use with third parties.

Trade secrets, trademarks and copyrights all can be lost if a business is not proactive about protecting them. When an infringement or misappropriation occurs, AX-S takes swift and aggressive action to enforce your rights, prevent further damage, and recover compensatory and punitive damages.

  • Represented former CEO of major cruise line in a case based upon the misappropriation of a novel business idea for launching a new cruise company using only best in class assets. The case generated tremendous publicity and was settled amicably at the end of discovery.
  • In a patent dispute, we were retained three months before trial, and one month before the close of discovery, we conducted a thorough investigation, won an order finding waiver of the attorney client privilege, obtained production of privileged documents, deposed all of the principal witnesses, and settled the case with no money changing hands and a covenant never to sue defendants again.
  • Successfully represented private hospital chain in trademark infringement case.
  • Successfully defended shareholder and vice president from claims that he breached a non-competition clause and stole company trade secrets.